Your first visit

First Consultation

Your first visit you will consist of a detailed consultation and a front and back treatment.

Please fill out the ‘new patients form’ and email it to prior to your first appointment or bring it with you.

In order to get a complete picture of your health, we take a comprehensive medical history including details on your present complaints, any previous illness or injuries and your family medical history.


Our main tool for diagnosis is palpation of the abdomen, neck and back. This is not a painful process as the pressure is light and we are sensitive to areas of tenderness. It is an extremely useful tool for us to gain an overview of which areas of the body are not functioning optimally. All the main organs of the body lie within the torso, so areas of pain, tenderness or simply ‘weird’ feeling are all significant in our process of diagnosis. These areas are referred to as ‘reflexes’.

Through palpation we are also able to test our treatment strategy. No acupuncture point is chosen without first testing it again the reflexes. This mean that both you and the practitioner receive confirmation that the treatment points are effective and you can tangibly feel the reduction in pain at the reflexes.

Tongue and pulse diagnosis are a major component of Chinese Medicine and we use these in addition to our main diagnostic tool of palpation.  You will be asked to briefly relax your tongue out for observation of distinctive markings and coating. Your pulse will be felt on both wrists, where 27 basic pulse qualities can be observed.


Following the process of palpation and testing reflexes, a front treatment is given with you lying on your back.

We use extremely fine needles that are virtually painless on insertion. Once in place we rarely need to stimulate the needles and you are able to relax pain free for approximately 20 minutes. We then ask you to lie face down (unless pregnant or unable to do this comfortably) and palpate your back. A second treatment is then given, which in Japanese acupuncture is then considered a complete treatment, lasting 60 – 75 minutes. 

Please wear loose fitting clothes to all your treatments. Shorts are ideal or jogging bottoms that roll up to the knees. We always keep the room suitably warm and use towels to cover you.

 See FAQ’s for more details.