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About Our Acupuncture

Japanese Abdominal Palpation

Acupuncture is a system of treating people through effecting the state of balance within the body. This 3,000 year old empirical system can be used to remarkable effect to treat musculo-skeletal, emotional and internal problems.

The body is in a constant state of homeostasis and when this state is disrupted, disease occurs both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Chinese medicine studies the body holistically and using a range of diagnostic skills, can read subtle imbalances in the body and changes to the status-quo. Using fine needles and specific acupuncture points, the body can then be brought back into balance.


What’s unique about Japanese Acupuncture?

Thinner needles

Needling methods are shallow and virtually painless. We use the smallest gauge needles and techniques are directed at using the minimal amount of stimulation to attain the greatest results.  It’s not uncommon for a patient to feel no needle sensation whatsoever throughout an entire treatment and this allows for complete relaxation. It has the additional bonus of being ideal for needle phoebic or sensitive patients, children and elderly.

Strong emphasis on palpation

Historically in Japan, acupuncture was a profession for the blind. Even today, a significant percentage of acupuncturists in Japan are blind. Palpation of your abdomen and neck are key diagnostic tools. We also “test” points, holding a finger on an acupuncture point while simultaneously pressing another (usually painful) part of the body to see if it alleviates symptoms in that area. A natural outcome of this approach is that there tends to be a lot of interaction between acupuncturist and patient. Your feedback is critical to guiding the treatment and it also means you become more aware of any changes experienced during the session. We don’t needle any points until we have established a direct positive effect on areas of pain or tenderness.

Front and back treatments

We always give you a front and back treatment every time. In Japanese style acupuncture this is considered a complete treatment and in part accounts for why our treatments tend to last a bit longer than other acupuncture treatments.

Chinese medical theory and modern pathophysiology combined

Japanese acupuncture is a technical, sensitive and precise system, incorporating classical Chinese theory with the latest Western medical understandings. You might notice during your treatment that you recognise some of the terms we use, such as ‘thyroid’, ‘adrenals’ and ‘immunity’. This style takes the best of Chinese medical theory and modern pathophysiology allowing a flexible and broad approach to different conditions. We work with the myofascia, nervous system and classical Chinese meridians to release blockages and reconfigure energetic pathways in the body. We find this style of acupuncture to be highly effective and reliable with quantifiable results.

Japanese Palpation