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    Hand analysis for mental, emotional and physical development

What is Chirology?

Chirology is the study of the dermotglyphics, shape and weight and of the hand. These aspects of the hand reveal insight into, health, emotional traits and psychological strengths and weakness.

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Palmistry: The Complete Guide to the Fundamentals of Hand Reading

Modern hand reading is a powerful tool for learning about oneself – psychological and emotional predispositions, character strengths and weaknesses, recurring thought patterns, personal needs and talents. The hand’s elemental shape and dermatoglyphics are fixed, but the lines and other markings can and do change.

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Single Person Hand Analysis
  • Reading time 60mins
  • Objective Analysis
  • Relationships
  • Career Advice
  • Heath
  • Life Coaching
Couple Hand Reading
  • Reading time 75mins
  • Individual Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Understanding and Optimising Traits
  • Comparison of all Aspects
  • Exploration of Contrasts and Similarities
Written Reports
  • 6-8 pages of analysis
  • Objective Analysis
  • Relationships
  • Career Advice
  • Heath
  • Life Coaching
Groups & Couples
Hand Reading Explains Why:
  • People have different desires
  • Peoples needs vary
  • People get satisfaction in different ways
  • People are emotionally different and mentally so diverse
  • How people best work, and what suits them most
  • And much more…


Lawrence’s hand reading was very impressive indeed. He pinpointed almost exactly timings of events in my past, and gave me a lot of help with regard to what jobs would be suitable for me. He is very diplomatic and sensitive in his approach too
Laura BWelfare Officer
At the end of my reading I felt that Lawrence knew me better than I know myself. However, this didn’t intimidate me as he is very non judgemental and compassionate. He seems to be able to piece together different parts of the hand to paint such an in depth picture of your mental and emotional tendencies. It really helped me to understand my own personality better, how I interact with the world and to remember my strengths. It’s been a big turning point for me and I look forward to integrating everything I have learnt from Lawrence in my daily life
A. Ryder Interior Designer
I had never experienced palm reading before, and didn’t know anyone else that had either so really didn’t know what to expect and dare I say it, I was probably a little sceptical. I was totally blown away by how accurate it was. It was incredibly refreshing and comforting to hear someone else telling me the frustrations I have with myself – why I have them in relation to my character – how perhaps to steer my life in a way that would better suit me, affirming what I already know but with a freshness to it. Lawrence’s warmth and understanding nature made me feel at ease, he was very careful with his words and clearly knowledgeable and an expert in his field
Lauren HaverdPublic Relations
Lawrence’s ability in palmistry reveals both a deep knowledge of the subject and an intuitive understanding of the human psyche
Dr. S. Smith
My session was a captivating journey of self knowledge and reflection, both thought provoking and accurate. Lawrence does not recite a generic patchwork of clichés strung together for you to associate with loosely, nor does he ask you leading questions upon which he could generate barely plausible statements. Instead this is you and your life laid bare. If you already believe you know yourself but are seeking a summary to help in your future self development then a reading from Lawrence is a perfect way to start. If you have never sat down and analysed yourself then let Lawrence do it for you, and be amazed at what you learn
S. Hill
I found this experience quiet incredible. Areas of my personality were pinpointed and understood in a way people who have know me for 15 years are only just seeing. I had this reading as a complete sceptic, and am very please this was the case, as it only validates what was said even more
Mark S.Corporate Lawyer

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