Ji-River Acupuncture offers treatments in Clifton, Redland and Cheltenham Road in Bristol with weekday, weekend and evening appointments available.

Both Lawrence and Ferne  (BSc Hons) are fully qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine and also integrate the very important work of Japanese masters, using systematic diagnosis through palpation. This gives instant feedback to the patient and practitioner, as well as a measure as to the effectiveness of every treatment.

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Ferne Brewster, Lic Ac. BSc (Hons)


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I am continually inspired by the width and depth of ancient Chinese Medicine and take great joy in meeting new people, sharing this knowledge and helping people on their journey to health.


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Lawrence Rook, Lic Ac. BSc (Hons), Dip Ch.

Acupuncturist, Chirologist

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My passion for Chinese medicine began when I started training in the martial arts, Qi Gong and Tai Qi, as well as studying the Chinese Classics. Chinese medicine is an integral part of the Daoist arts and this was the area that captured me.

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At Ji River Acupuncture we offer the following treatments. A combination of different treatment modalities are often used, tailored to best suit your needs and personal preferences.

Japanese Palpatory Acupuncture

A specialist style of acupuncture used to treat all conditions.

Chirology Reading

The scientific study of the hand for physical, mental and emotional insight.

TCM Acupuncture

Acupuncture developed in China and used popularly world wide.

Tuina (Chinese) Massage

Deep tissue massage based on ancient Chinese principles, used to relieve specific symptoms.

Nutritional Advice & Food Therapy

Healing with food through Chinese dietary advice and Western nutritional understanding.

Physical/Postural Correction

Adjustments made to posture and lifestyle habits based on Chinese Medicine, Western anatomy and yogic principles.

Cupping Therapy

Vacuum cups are used to soften tight muscles, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue.

Pelvic and Abdominal (Hara) Massage

The sensitive and systematic stimulation and release of the many structures within the belly.

Acupuncture Services

First Consultation & Treatment
  • 90mins
  • Medical History
  • Palpatory Diagnosis
  • Full Health Inventory & Evaluation
  • Acupuncture Treatment - Front and Back
  • Massage/Cupping Therapy if Required
  • Life Style Recommendations
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Follow Up Treatments
  • 60-80mins
  • Follow-Up Evaluation
  • Palpation Diagnosis
  • Acupuncture Treatment - Front and Back
  • Massage/Cupping Therapy if Required
  • Life Style Recommendations
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Evening and weekend appointments available

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Lawrence – 07866609238
Ferne – 07521976748

Email: jiriveracupuncture@gmail.com



The Arches Therapy Rooms,

1st Floor Clinic, 198 Cheltenham Road,


Bristol BS6 5QZ


Our Location

Ferne & Lawernce treat form Cheltenham Rd, Montpelier, Bristol